Alpen Brau Beer (1946).

Bettie Page and the inspired artwork by Olivia De Berardinis

Huntington Base Ball Company by artist William Peebles.

Lincoln Chiefs ball contest winner, Jim Walters - 1953

At the 1:28 mark… Solons vs. Seals at Seals Stadium, 1956.

Taylortown Normal school, Dunkard County, PA. - June 19, 1902

In 1951 NC State wielded powerful bats led by center fielder John Fuscoe. He also made a niche for himself among Southern Conference stars by becoming a unanimous choice on the First Team All-Southern Conference in 1952.

This is a Vintage 1850 -1860 “Lemon Peal” style Baseball. This 4 piece hand stitched leather skinned baseball was one of the first style baseball used. Dark leather was used for the cover because it was readily available and easier for the players to see when the ball was hit in the air on a clear day. In fact, famed baseball writer Henry Chadwick advocated using a dark red leather base ball as late as 1875 and stated so in the 1875 DeWitt’s Baseball Umpire’s Guide. White baseballs were later introduced (1861) because most ball fields at the time had heavily wooded area back drops, and it was easier to see the white ball.
Topps Baseball tin sign - 1954
Opaque  by  andbamnan